Mount Olympus University is a weekly audio drama podcast from the mind of Raeanna Nicole Larson. It's a little bit of fantasy, a touch of supernatural, and a lot about what it feels like to grow up with no idea what's going on

The Story

Pandora Wordsworth's college career is not off to a great start. First, she learns that all of her college applications have vanished in a “freak internet accident” (which she is pretty sure isn’t a real thing), then she discovers that her parents spent her college savings joining a yacht club (notably, they do not own a yacht.) It is just when all hope of going to school is gone that Pandora receives a letter of admission from Mount Olympus University. The only problem? She has no recollection of applying to this particular school.


It turns out that Mount Olympus University is the choice college for figures of mythology, legend, and lore. Students with intense powers roam the halls, and Pandora is the only one among them who is, well, just a person. Now, on top of papers and tests, she's skirting Minotaur in the halls, sharing a dorm with love-expert Aphrodite, sparking rivalry with Arthur Pendragon, and avoiding the irritating come-ons from fellow student Zeus. Add one mysteriously broadcasting radio room that Pandora can't seem to escape, and MOU's one human student may be in over her head.


Mount Olympus University can be found on your favorite podcatcher, including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher.

If you wish to listen without downloading, we are also available on Soundcloud, Youtube, and our Libsyn host.

Cover Image

Designed by Jess Reed

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The Trailer

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Twitter: @mtolympusu

Schedule: Mount Olympus University releases every Tuesday at 9am American EST

Typical Run Time: 10 - 15 minutes per episode

Rating: Mount Olympus University features mild language and explores mature themes


Raeanna Nicole Larson: Creator and writer

Luuk Van Hoomissen: Editor

Teddy McKrell: Musician 

Jess Reed: Script consultant, cover designer

Cast (in order of appearance)

Raeanna Nicole Larson as Pandora Wordsworth

Sydney Rose Hover as Aphrodite

Jess Reed as Athena

Ariel Therkiel as President Gaia

Dakota Bryant as Arthur Pendragon

Adriana Emiliana as Isolde

Mark Lamont as Hades

Arthur Maurici as Persephone

Erin King as Artemis

James Anderson as Apollo

About the Creator

Raeanna Nicole Larson is a professional actor who wrote her first story the moment she could hold a pencil. It was about a group of animals trying to find out who stole the sun, and it will not be getting an audio drama adaptation.


Raeanna is primarily a stage actor who harbored a long-time desire to get into voice work. At the beginning of 2018, she decided to combine her love of writing and performing to make her own audio drama. Mount Olympus University was first conceptualized while she was in high school and stuck with her to adulthood. She is several years out of college now, but hopes that this fish out of water story resonates with people of all ages. 

Currently, Raeanna resides in the Northern Virginia/DC area where she forces her roommates' cats (Happy and Luka) to love her. 

You can see more of her work at her website or follow her twitter @RaeannaLarson

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